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Quality fuel cell materials, components, and kits at unbeatable prices!  Discover membrane electrode assemblies (MEA's), kit accessories, and literature in our clearance section while supplies last.

None of the products in the clearance section are used. These products are either here because they were overstocked, the customer changed their mind, or we are discontinuing that particular model of product.

Please note that we do not accept returns for items found in the clearance section.

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8.5 Sheets of Miscellaneous Freudenberg H2315
Freudenberg H2315 is a flexible and easy to use carbon paper Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) with a Mic..

Freudenberg H23C2 - 500cm² (Small Pieces)
Freudenberg H23C2 is a flexible and easy to use carbon paper Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) with a Micr..

Nafion 212 Membrane (Wrinkled) - 30.5cm x 107cm
DuPont Nafion PFSA NR-212 membranes are based on chemically stabilized perfluorosulfonic acid/PTF..

Fuel Cell Handbook - 7th Edition [CD Format] (p. 2004)
The Fuel Cell Handbook provides vital information on the legal, educational and industrial applic..
$20.00 $2.50

Renewable Energy Science Education [CD Format]
The Renewable Energy Science Education CD includes an E-textbook, assembly guides and an experime..
Based on 1 reviews.

Science through Hydrogen - Clean Energy for the Future [Paperback] (p. 2003)
Science through Hydrogen by Heliocentris by Averil Macdonald and Martyn Berry (Published in 2003)..
$16.99 $5.00

Solar II E-Book [CD Format] (p. 2007)
Now that you've built your solar panels, how do you set up a photovoltaic system and plug in? In ..
$21.00 $3.50