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Elementary School Level

At Fuel Cell Store, our mission is to empower the next generation with a passion for science and clean energy, for a brighter future.

We offer a variety of fun, engaging and most importantly, educational products demonstrating fuel cell, solar, hydro, wind and bio energy technologies. Encompass the big picture and spark curiosity with scientific applications and potential solutions to real world issues. 

The products in this section have been selected as the basic building blocks to introduce you to hydrogen and fuel cell technology, as well as other up and coming renewable energies. Here, we've also outlined the most popular starting points and products for young beginners.

If you can not find exactly what you are looking for, let us know! We can help design custom fuel cell kits at low prices for practically any renewable energy application. Contact us at sales@fuelcellstore.com or here on our contact page.

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Micro Fuel Cell Science Kit
THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED. We are keeping this page live for anyone who may need to download s..
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Mini Water Pump
This semi-submersible pump is a 3V Water Pump that uses electricity generated from a solar panel ..

MudWatt Science Fair Pack
Perfect for running dirt-power experiments! Want to see what item in your fridge gives you th..
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Salt Water Fuel Cell Science Kit
The Horizon Salt-water Fuel Cell Science Kit (FCJJ-34) illustrates a cutting edge fuel cell conce..

Savonius Wind Turbine Basic
The Savonius Wind Turbine is a portable, lightweight and durable DIY savonius wind turbine. Featu..

Single Axis Solar Tracker
The Single Axis Solar Tracker follows the sun across the sky to collect as much energy as possibl..

SKY-Z Hydro Basic
The Sky-Z Hydro is the newest member of our Turbine family. With powerful curriculum components t..

SKY-Z Limitless Turbine DC Wind, Solar, & Electronics
The Sky-Z Limitless is the largest member of our Wind Turbine family. With powerful curriculum co..

SKY-Z Limitless Turbine DC with Blade Design
The Sky-Z Limitless is the largest member of our Wind Turbine family. With powerful curriculum co..

SKY-Z Limitless Wind Pitch Education Kit
The sky's the limit with PicoTurbine's SKY-Z Limitless Wind Pitch Education Kit, the ultimate win..

Solar Cockroach Kit
The Solar Cockroach is a little bug that uses the solar energy to power a vibrating motor. The vi..

Solar Hydrogen Education Kit
The Horizon Solar Hydrogen Education Kit (FCJJ-16) lets students invent their own clean energy ap..
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Solar Racer
The Solar Racer is in all-in-one do it yourself kit that is great for all ages. The Solar Car is ..

Solar Science Station
The Solar Science Station is a non-soldering solar USB charger.  Use it as a tool for record..

Solar USB 2.0 Kit
Teach any child or student the power of solar energy by building a USB solar charger! The finishe..