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      H2GO Remote Control Hybrid Car

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Intelligent Fuel Cell Car Lab

The Intelligent Fuel Cell Car is a fun way to demonstrate the uses of fuel cells to produce hydrogen and power different eletrical devices with green energy. Learn how a fuel cell works! The included manual contains experiments to explain the technology of fuel cells through hydrogen education.

Double Fuel Cell H2/O2/Air

Double-cell PEM fuel cell for hydrogen/oxygen operation and hydrogen/air operation.

H-Racer 2.0

The H-racer 2.0, from Horizon Fuel Cells, is the new generation H-racer, featuring a construction kit of the scale model car, as well as remote controlled steering, and light emitting features within the car.

DC-DC Converter 360W (12.5VDC Output, 30-60VDC Input)


Our DC/DC converters are designed to regulate the output voltage from the fuel cell stack to the final load so that you can get steady, reliable operation from your fuel cell.

Electric motor for use with 4V Quadruple reversible Fuel Cell