H2S Fuel Cell Protection Filter

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H2S Fuel Cell Protection Filter
H2S Fuel Cell Protection Filter
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Fuel Cell Protection Filter
Why Risk Your Fuel Cell Investment?
Protect It Instead with this Patented Microfibrous Media Technology
Simply ADD this Filter Inline to Your Fuel Cell Hydrogen Supply
Description: PEM fuel cells must use ultra high purity hydrogen to function at peak efficiency and achieve maximum useful life.Leading fuel cell manufacturers recommend using hydrogen with a purity of 99.99% or greater to realize thesegoals. Unfortunately there are few means of ensuring that your fuel source is free from contaminants.A contaminated hydrogen fuel stream can do serious damage to the fuel cell in a short periodof time and make waste of your investment without your knowledge. Hydrogen sulfide or H2S is a commoncontaminant in industrial hydrogen that poisons the fuel cell anode catalyst. Because this poisoning mechanism isirreversible, even trace concentrations of H2S in your hydrogen can over time significantly degrade stackperformance. This hydrogen sulfide filter is a simple, easy-to-install filter that operates effectively at lowtemperature using our own patented and highly efficient microfibrous sorption media technology. Simply place thisfilter inline between your hydrogen source and your fuel cell to get the necessary protection.


Technical Specifications

Materials of Construction 316 stainless steel housing and fittings
Filter Description commercial H2S adsorbent plus proprietary impregnatedsintered nickel fiber composite polishing sorbent
Dimensions 2.95 x .75 inches
Weight 85g
Connections Swagelok inlet and outlet connections
H2S Standoff Capability 2820 minutes for a 1 kW fuel cell (15 liters H2 per minute with a1ppm H2S background)
Ultimate Hydrogen Purity 0.01 ppm H2S
Adsorption Capacity 60 mg

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