DE2029 Nafion Dispersion 20 wt%

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Please note that DE2029 has been discontinued by Chemours and only limited supplies are available for the time being.

Chemours (formerly DuPont) Nafion™ PFSA polymer dispersions are made from chemically stabilized perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) / polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) copolymer in the acid (H⁺) form, and are available in several polymer content and dispersant compositions. Typical uses include fabrication of thin films and coating formulations for fuel cell membranes, catalyst coating, sensors, and a variety of electrochemical applications.

Fuel Cell Applications: Nafion DE2029 Dispersion (a diluted, liquid form of the same chemical used for a PEM fuel cell membrane) drastically reduces the amount of platinum needed as a catalyst by exposing a larger fraction of the platinum to the hydrogen gas.  Also, the Nafion acts as a binding agent to hold the platinum, membrane, and gas diffusion layer together.

Nafion Dispersion D520, D521, D2020, D2021, and DE2029 are considered hazardous items under DOT and IATA regulation.  These dispersions will incur a hazardous fee to accommodate the regulations based on the final shipping location.

Please contact us if you plan to order over 1 Liter of various dispersions.

Nafion Dispersion DE2029 Properties Sheet

Nafion PFSA Polymer Dispersions Properties
Polymer Content (wt. %) 20.0 min and 22.0 max
Water Content (wt. %) 34 ± 4
VOC Content (wt. %) 45 ± 4
VOC Content (wt. %) - 1-Propanol 44 ± 4
VOC Content (wt. %) - Ethanol < 5
VOC Content (wt. %) - Mixed Ethers and Other VOCs < 2
Specific Gravity 1.01 - 1.03
Available Acid Capacity (meq/g, H+ polymer basis) > 1.10
Total Acid Capacity (meq/g, H+ polymer basis) 1.10-1.18
Viscosity (cP; at 25C and 40 sec-1 Shear Rate) 50 - 500

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