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Carbon Cloth

Carbon Cloth Gas Diffusion Layers (GDLs) are designed to meet the various requirements in Hydrogen (PEMFC) and Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC). These Gas Diffusion Layers are manufactured by proprietary woven technology.

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Panex 30 Carbon Fiber Fabric
ZOLTEK™ Panex 30 woven carbon fiber fabric has high cross-ply tensile and interlaminar shear stre..
From $17.00

Plain Carbon Cloth - 1071 HCB
AvCarb 1071 HCB plain carbon cloth fabric is designed to meet the demanding requirements of frict..
From $28.00
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ELAT - Hydrophilic Plain Cloth
ELAT Hydrophilic Plain Carbon Cloth gas diffusion layers are excellent for flow batteries. The ex..
From $23.00

FuelCellsEtc's ELAT® LT1400 is a carbon cloth Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) with a carbon microporous..
From $18.00

FuelCellsEtc's ELAT® LT2400W is a carbon cloth gas diffusion layer (GDL) with a carbon microporou..
From $23.00

Carbon Cloth with MPL - W1S1005
CeTech is a woven carbon cloth with a Microporous Layer (MPL). It has a total thickness of 410 um..
From $16.00
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Carbon Cloth Wet Proofed
Carbon Cloth- Graphitized Spun Yarn Carbon Fabrics WOVEN CARBON FABRICS are carbon fiber fabr..
From $17.00

Gas Diffusion Layer Variety Kit
The Gas Diffusion Layer Variety Kit (also known as the GDL Kit) comes with a variety of 5 differe..
From $80.00
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Carbon Fiber Variety Kit
The Carbon Fiber Variety Kit comes with a variety of 6 different gas diffusion layers made up of ..
From $96.00