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Kit Accessories

We offer a wide variety of kit accessories to fit your experimental needs. Browse our selection from wires, solar panels, fuel cell loads, silicon tubing and more! With most of our accessories, we provide more than a single size or type to help you find the accessory that works best for your application. These small parts are great to help you complete do it yourself kits or expand an existing experiment set up.

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Variable Resistor
The Variable Resistor is a spare component that is included in the Horizon Educational Products l..

Wye Tube Connectors (2)
Use these Wye Connectors with tubing to split or combine gases from an electrolyzer.  They a..
From $8.50

30 mL Storage Cylinders (2)
These two storage cylinders, one for hydrogen and one for oxygen, can be used to store 30 millili..
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Heliocentris Silicon Tubing - 5 Feet
Soft translucent silicon tubing to connect to Heliocentris Dr. FuelCell education products.  ..

H-TEC Silicon Tubing - 5 Feet
Soft translucent silicon tubing to connect to H-TEC Education products.  This tubing comes i..

Horizon Silicon Tubing - 5 Feet
Soft translucent silicon tubing to connect to Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies education products. ..
Based on 2 reviews.

Silicon Tubing
Soft translucent silicon tubing to connect to hydrogen supplies or fuel cells with 1/8" barbed tu..
From $12.00

High-Temperature Silicon Tubing
Semi-soft translucent silicon tubing to connect to pressure regulators, hydrogen supplies, or fue..
From $16.50

Horizon HydroSTIK Pressure Regulator
Horizon's H-Series Pressure Regulator fits HydroSTIK and HydroSTIK PRO canisters and reduces the ..
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HydroFILL PRO Adapter
The HydroFILL PRO Adapter allows for a direct connection to the HydroFILL PRO Hydrogen outlet, en..

Flex-Stak Expansion Kit
This is an expansion kit that adds PEM cells to your Flex-Stak.   ..
From $75.00

Dr. FuelCell Reversible Fuel Cell With Storage
The Heliocentris Reversible Fuel Cell with Storage is designed as a high quality, durable reversi..
Based on 4 reviews.

MINI PEM Fuel Cell - Green
Green PEM fuel cells for education purposes, created by a leading industrial fuel cell manufactur..

Dr. FuelCell Methanol Fuel Cell
The Dr. FuelCell Methanol Fuel Cell expansion kit can be used to investigate Direct Methanol Fuel..
Based on 2 reviews.

Dr. FuelCell Hand Generator
The Dr. FuelCell Hand Generator is a durable, high quality unit that simulates wind power and is ..