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At Fuel Cell Store, our mission is to empower the next generation with a passion for science and clean energy, for a brighter future. We offer a variety of fun, engaging and most importantly, educational products demonstrating fuel cell, hydrogen, solar, hydroelectricity, wind and bio-energy technologies. 

All of the educational kits we supply are designed to teach and promote interest in sustainable energy in an effort to "go green" for our environment. Encompass the big picture and spark curiosity with scientific applications and potential solutions to real world issues. We help you understand the growing need for renewable energy sources.

All of our kits are strongly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) focused and some come with Next Generation Science Stanards (NGSS), Common Core English Language Arts Standards, and Common Core Math Standards codes. We even provide teaching cirriculums and student worksheets for selected products. 

We also offer kit accessories to add to your existing experiments. We have a wide selection of tubing, wires, solar panels, fuel cell loads, and more! Come find the perfect educational product that fits your budget and your needs! 

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Dr. FuelCell Science Kit - Complete
The Dr. FuelCell Science Kit - Complete is designed for a "hands on" experience with solar hydrog..
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Dr. FuelCell Science Kit - Complete Classroom Bundle
The Dr. FuelCell Science Kit - Complete Classroom Bundle includes all the necessary tools to turn..

Dr. FuelCell Solar Module
Designed as a high quality, durable solar panel for the Dr. FuelCell™ Model Car Kit.  It is ..

Electrolyzer 10
The Electrolyzer 10 is a Double-Cell PEM Electrolyzer with water tanks, hydrogen and oxygen stora..
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Electrolyzer 230
H-TEC's Electrolyzer 230 is a seven-cell PEM electrolyser stack with water storage tank mounted o..

Electrolyzer 5
The Electrolyzer 5 is a PEM Electrolyser with water tanks, hydrogen and oxygen storage tanks. The..
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Electrolyzer 65
The Electrolyzer 65 is Double-Cell PEM electrolyzer stack, for production of hydrogen from distil..

Electrolyzer Cell 10
The Electrolyzer Cell 10 is a Double-Cell PEM electrolyzer for the production of hydrogen and oxy..

Electrolyzer Cell 5
The Electrolyzer Cell 5 is a PEM electrolyzer for the production of hydrogen and oxygen.  Th..

Fan Tutorial (2 mm)
H-TEC's Electric Fan Tutorial (A105) has ports for 2mm banana plugs.  The fan is used as a l..
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Female Valve
The Female Valve is a spare component that is included in the H-Racer 2.0 kit. Features: ..

Flashing Lights
Two Flashing Blue LEDs built onto a circuit which allows them to operate from a small demonstrati..

Fuel Cell Concept Car & Gas Station
H-TEC's most realistic model car set gives observers a glimpse of the transportation technology o..
From $1,797.00

Fuel Cell Fundamentals [Hardcover]
Fuel Cell Fundamentals provides a thorough introduction to the principles and practicalities behi..

Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 3.0
The Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 3.0 by H-TEC, can calculate the efficiency and electrical characteristi..