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Fuel Cell Stack Accessories

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(4) Tubing Clamps
White tubing clamps for use with 3/32" to 1/4" diameter tubing.  Attach clips to the end of ..

Flashing Lights
Two Flashing Blue LEDs built onto a circuit which allows them to operate from a small demonstrati..

Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 3.0
The Fuel Cell Monitor Pro currently will not be available until the month of June. The Fuel C..

Fuel Cell Start / Run Block
The Fuel Cell Start / Run Block is intended to provide the power required for starting up a fuel ..

Fuel Cell Voltage Monitor - CVM1
Monitor voltages for battery systems and fuel cells with the Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM) by Fuel C..

Horizon's Renewable Energy Monitor
Voltage, current, power, joules, resistance and even RPM speed available at the touch of a button..
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Mini DC/DC Converter
This DC/DC converter is specially modded by the Fuel Cell Store for low voltage operation for sin..
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Moisture Trap
This Moisture Trap is designed to provide automatic water removal from fuel cell exhaust streams...

Multimeter / Voltmeter
The Multimeter is designed to measure the voltage and current of fuel cells, electrolyzers input ..

Super Bright 10mm Diffused LED
These 10mm LEDs have a Diffused Lens and are great for science projects and DIY kits. These are s..
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Syringe (Without Needle)
Use this syringe to push water into your fuel cell to hydrate the membrane. Compatible with H..
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Tee Tube Connectors (2)
Use these Tee Connectors with tubing to split or combine gases from an electrolyzer.  They a..
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Wye Tube Connectors (2)
Use these Wye Connectors with tubing to split or combine gases from an electrolyzer.  They a..
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Plug n Play for Shell EcoMarathon
Plug n Play for Shell Eco-Marathon regulation add-on includes three different game-changing compo..

Ultralight Two-Step Pressure Regulator
Ultra-light and compact two stage regulator compatible with Horizon AEROSTAKs, AEROPAKs, and Ultr..