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Fuel Cell Testing

Finalize and professionalize your fuel cell and membrane electrode assembly designs with our state of the art testing equipment.

Temperature controllers, pressure regulators, load balances, energy monitors, moisture traps and much more are offered here in our fuel cell testing selection. We provide a wide variety of the tools your lab needs for clear and concise measurements to regulate and improve quality, standards and efficiency.

Find a quality testing fixture to fit your budget today, at the Fuel Cell Store.

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Measurement Set
The H-TEC Measurement Set is an experimentation kit consisting of a decade resistor, two multi-me..

Measurement Set 2
The H-TEC Measurement Set 2 is an experimentation kit consisting of a resistor plate, two multi-m..

Moisture Trap
This Moisture Trap is designed to provide automatic water removal from fuel cell exhaust streams...

MTK-100 Fuel Cell Test Kit
The MTK-100 is a cost effective fuel cell test kit that allows the customer to assemble his / her..

PEM Fuel Cell Hardware
Fuel Cell Hardware is an electrochemical device that converts chemical fuel, such as hydrogen, na..
From $3,753.00

PEM Interdigitated Fuel Cell Stack
The PEM Interdigitated Fuel Cell is a high performance fuel cell stack with a new separator plate..
From $5,992.00

PEM Research Test Cell - 250cm²
Building on the strong history of PEM fuel cell research and test data using 250cm² cells, the PE..
From $9,385.00

PowerStation CompuCell
The PowerStation CompuCell gas management unit enables fuel cell and electrochemical testing..
From $84,880.00

PowerStation Ultima
The PowerStation Ultima gas management unit multiplies the power of the PowerStation CompuCell to..

PROTECT+ion Omniflow 6-2
The PROTECT+ion Omniflow 6-2 is an ion exchange filter that protects equipment from excessive ion..

PS-DM Direct Methanol Unit
The PS-DM Direct Methanol Unit provides a controlled source of high purity methanol or methanol /..

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test Fixture Kit
Each Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Test Fixture Kit comes with enough supplies to run 5 tests and ..
From $7,995.00

Additional Cells for Expandable PEM Research Test Cell - 50cm²
This is an additional cell for use in the Expandable PEM Research Test Cell. Up to 29 of these ce..

Additional Plate Set for PEM Research Cell - 5cm²
This is an additional plate set for use in the Electrically Heated PEM Research Cell - 5cm². This..

Additional Plate Set for PEM Research Test Cell - 250cm²
This is an additional plate set for use in the PEM Research Test Cell - 250cm². This gives all of..