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Regulators and Fittings

Monitor, adjust and regulate hydrogen gas with our hydrogen gas regulators. Also provided are fittings for air tight hydrogen transfer and utilization.

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Fitting for HydroSTIK
Straight fitting designed for use with both old and new versions of the Horizon HydroSTIK metal h..
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High Pressure 1-Stage Regulator
Compact high pressure 1-stage regulator for use with lecture bottle or other cylinder with a CGA ..

High Pressure 2-Stage Regulator
The High Pressure 2-Stage Regulator was designed and constructed for both high purity and general..

Ultralight Two-Step Pressure Regulator
Ultra-light and compact two stage regulator compatible with Horizon AEROSTAKs, AEROPAKs, and Ultr..

Refilling Adapter Kit
Connects to industrial hydrogen gas bottles for refill. Compatible with Horizon AEROSTAKS, AEROPA..

Horizon HydroSTIK Pressure Regulator
Horizon's H-Series Pressure Regulator fits HydroSTIK and HydroSTIK PRO canisters and reduces the ..
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Pressure Regulator PR-30
The PR-30 Pressure Regulator is designed to regulate the Hydrogen output pressure of a Metal Hydr..

HydroFILL PRO Adapter
The HydroFILL PRO Adapter allows for a direct connection to the HydroFILL PRO Hydrogen outlet, en..

Swagelok Adapter Set
Swagelok Fitting Adapter Set for fuel cells.  Stainless Steel male and mating socket set wit..