Customer Reviews

Silicon Gasketing - 12" x 12"
This silicon gasketing works well for me.
01/18/2017Xiuping Zhu
Nafion 117
Good material. Prompt response and shipping.
01/13/2017G Ba Subramanian
Nafion 117
埃が気になりますが、メーカー側によるものでしょうか。 I am concerned about dust, is it due to the manufacturer side?
01/03/2017tatehiro shimizu
H-Cell 2.0
Worked as advertised producing a 30W. A fun project for an alternative RC power source with more life than batteries.
12/30/2016Gerald Knoblach
Intelligent Fuel Cell Car Lab
Very nice and good idea. I think within a little time the Hydrogen fuel cell will lead the fuel energy in the world.
12/30/2016Marwa Ali
Nafion 211
12/22/2016tatehiro shimizu
Nafion 212
12/22/2016tatehiro shimizu
Toray Carbon Paper 060, Wet Proofed
Excellent product and service. Thanks!
12/16/2016Michael Lotto
Horizon Mini PEM Reversible Fuel Cell
Low power but good stuff, get to know with fuel cell.
12/09/2016A. Fahruddin
AvCarb P50
Great product, got it at a clearance price. Good cathode GDL for an electrolyzer.
12/02/2016Stafford Sheehan
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Flex-Stak
Easy to use and assemble - was missing guide dowels when I received it, though.
12/02/2016Stafford Sheehan
Teflon Gasketing - 12" x 12"
I made a sealing using laser cutter. It is good.
11/29/2016Myung Jun Kim
Silicon Gasketing - 12" x 12"
This silicon is easy to cut using laser cutter. I successfully made a sealing.
11/29/2016Myung Jun Kim
Sigracet 29 BC
輸送中のことだと思いますが、角が一部折れてました。 1週間で届き助かりました。 I think that it is during transport, but the corner was partly broken. I received it in a week and it was saved.
11/22/2016Tatehiro Shimizu
Porex PM21M
Good quality and fast gas permeation!
11/21/2016Jianzhen Ou