Type 2 Cartridge for Ultralight Liquid Chemical Hydride

Brand: HES Energy Systems
Product Code: 3271534

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This Type 2 Cartridge is an additional cartridge that is compatible for the Ultralight Liquid Chemical Hydride. Please note that you will need a new cartridge per flight. Used cartridges can be returned and refurbished for a lower new cartridge price. Please contact us directly if you intend to return a cartridge for a refurbished one.

Technical Specifications for Type 2 Cartridge (H2 Generator and Fuel Tank):

✔ Net Energy: Up to 1700Wh
✔ Dry Weight: 1200 g
✔ Total Weight with 1L Fuel: 3,100 g
✔ Total Cartridge Volume: 4.2L
✔ Dimensions (mm): 328 x 106 x 120 mm
✔ Total Fuel Cell & Cartridge Weight: 3.1 kg on take-off (landing weight is 2.4 kg)
✔ Total Fuel Cell & Cartridge Volume: 3.8L
✔ Total Specific Energy: 550 Wh/kg (at take-off)
✔ Average Energy Density: 700 Wh/kg (landing vs take-off weight)

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