AEROPAK-L, Ultralight Liquid Chemical Hydride System

Brand: HES Energy Systems
Product Code: 3271532

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AEROPAK-L is an energy dense power supply solution enabled by compact, Ultra-Light Fuel Cells, which uses a hydrogen-rich liquid chemical fuel as feed stock. The AEROPAK L-SERIES system stores hydrogen in an energy dense, nonflammable liquid solution. Hydrogen gas is produced on demand as needed. The system is comprised of three sections: a fuel tank where the hydrogen rich solution is stored, a reactor that produces hydrogen gas on demand from the liquid, and a fuel cell system that generates power from the produced hydrogen.

The AEROPAK-L comes standard with (2) - Type 1 Cartridges. Please note that you will need a new cartridge per flight. Used cartridges can be returned and refurbished for a lower new cartridge price. Please contact us directly if you intend to return a cartridge for a refurbished one.

Additional Type 1 Cartridges and Type 2 Cartridges are available.


✔ Hydrogen on-demand
✔ 450 Wh/kg to 675 Wh/kg at system's level
✔ Software-controlled hydrolysis system
✔ Progressive fuel consumption

Technical Specifications for Fuel Cell System:

✔ Continuous Output Power: 250W
✔ Peak Power (hybrid battery): 600W for 2 min with hybrid battery
✔ Continuous Output Current: 10A
✔ Output Voltage Range: 20.0 - 32.0V
✔ Fuel Cell System Weight: < 500 g
✔ Dimensions (mm): 107 x 126 x 120 mm
✔ Operating Environment: -5.0°C to 40°C / 0-95% humidity
✔ Max Altitude at Rated Output: 3000m (can be adjusted)

Technical Specifications for Type 1 Cartridge (H2 Generator and Fuel Tank):

✔ Net Energy: Up to 900Wh
✔ Dry Weight: 520 g
✔ Total Weight with 1L Fuel: 1,570 g
✔ Total Cartridge Volume: 2.3L
✔ Dimensions (mm): 188 x 106 x 120 mm
✔ H2 Flow Rate: 0.3 L/min
✔ Connection: Quick-Connector
✔ Total Fuel Cell & Cartridge Weight: 2.1 kg on take-off (landing weight is 1.5 kg)
✔ Total Fuel Cell & Cartridge Volume: 2.2L
✔ Total Specific Energy: 450 Wh/kg (at take-off)
✔ Average Energy Density: 675 Wh/kg (landing vs take-off weight)

Expected lead time is typically 8 - 10 weeks.

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