AEM Water Electrolyzer - 5cm²

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The AEM Water Electrolyzer is a complete alkaline anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer hardware. The hardware includes corrosion resistant 5 cm²  Nickel anode and cathode flow fields, an MEA with base metal catalysts, metal gas diffusion layers, o-ring seals, and Teflon gasketing. Please note that there are no heaters or cables included.

The electrolyzer is designed to be run with 1 M KOH flowing on the anode and cathode as described in Zengcai Liu et al. “The effect of membrane on an alkaline water electrolyzer”.

Product Advantages:

• Operates at high currents: 1 A/cm2 at about 1.9 V at 60 °C in flowing 1 M KOH
• Rapidly turn on and off
• Easily replace PEM electrolyzers with Alkaline water electrolyzers

AEM Water Electrolyzer - 5cm² Instruction Manual

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