Alternative Energy Education Lab

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The Alternative Energy Educational Lab is the most comprehensive of all our Energy Education offerings. It combines our best turbine education kits: the SKY-Z Limitless Wind Turbine, SKY-Z Hydro, both AC & DC generators, a 0.9 Watt solar panel & all of the electricity labs. With powerful curriculum components that focus on Energy and 3D Printing our kits stand alone in the Education and Maker industries. Just using the The Sky-Z Limitless Wind or Hydro Turbines, you have over (40+) variables and by adding in the electricity labs the possibilities are endless. Maximum height of 30” in (762 mm) when fully built.

Both AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current) configurations are included giving you a large range of activities outside of just creating power.

Generator Configuration Options Included:

• AC (Alternating Current) - Electricity is produced through magnetic induction using 4x - 200 rotation coils and 4 magnets
• DC (Direct Current) - Electricity is produced through a DC motor

Contents Include:

• SKY-Z Limitless Wind Turbine Platform
• SKY-Z Hydro Turbine Platform
• 4x - 6 Blade hubs
• 6x - Blades - 6 inches
• 6x - Blades - 8 inches
• 6x - Blades - 10 inches
• 6x - Blade adaptors with dowels to make your own blades
• 6x - Hydro paddles
• AC Generator set-up
• 2x - DC Generator set-ups
• 0.9 Watt Solar Panel
• LED Light lab
• Buzzer Sound lab
• Battery lab
• Light Bulb Stand lab
• 50+ Power labs
• AC / DC Configurations outputs a maximum of 4.5 V

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