AvCarb C100 Soft Carbon Battery Felt

Brand: AvCarb Material Solutions
Product Code: 1595015

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Please note that C100 Soft Carbon Battery Felt has been discontinued by AvCarb and we are completely sold out of stock.

AvCarb C100 PAN-based soft carbon felt is an effective insulating material for application temperatures up to 1000°C in inert or vacuum atmosphere.

C100 and C200 are the most popular carbon felts used due to their higher purity. They are also less chemically reactive and have higher conductivity (thermal and electrical) for a wide array of battery and fuel cell applications.

AvCarb PAN-based carbon and graphite felts are used as electrode backings in a variety of battery designs including vanadium redox flow batteries. AvCarb supports the needs of advanced battery makers with highly uniform carbon felts that ensure reliability and durability of the electrochemical system. The high conductivity, high purity, and chemical resistance of AvCarb battery felts make them ideal for the demanding design criteria of flow battery developers.

Gas Diffusion Layer Properties
Thickness 3.2 mm (3200 microns)
Bulk Density 0.09 g/cm3
Areal Weight 285 g/m²
Electrical Resistivity (through plane) < 4 Ωmm
Carbon Content (%) 95% min
Ash Content < 0.4%

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