AvCarb MGL190

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AvCarb® MGL190 is a superior carbon paper for fuel cell and electrolyzer applications. MGL190 demonstrates advantages over industry standard products such as Toray 060, including:

  • Lower electrical resistivity
  • Higher flexural/tensile strength
  • Improved thickness uniformity
  • Higher purity; improved durability
  • USA Made


AvCarb MGL is very similar to Toray carbon paper GDLs.  AvCarb MGL190 carbon paper is very similar to Toray Carbon Paper 060.

AvCarb MGL Value Packs are now available! Each value pack includes 9 - 10 x 10 cm sheets.

AvCarb Molded Graphite Laminate Properties
Material Type Molded Graphite Laminate
Thickness (@50kPa) 0.19 mm (190 microns)
Bulk Density 0.44 g/cm3
Porosity 78%
Gas Permeability (ml*mm / (cm2*hr*mmaq)) 1900
Gas Permeability (Gurley sec) 2.2
Electrical Resistivity (through plane) 75 mΩcm
Flexural Strength 45 MPa
Flexural Modulus 15 GPa
Tensile Strength 65 N/cm
PTFE Treatment None
Microporous Layer (MPL) None

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