Fuel Cell Grade Graphite Plate, 4" x 4" x 5mm

Brand: Schunk Group
Product Code: 61090001


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Fuel Cell Grade Graphite Plates can be machined on both sides to be used as bi-polar plates.  The materials used in production allow for very high fuel cell performance.  Continuous compound production permits homogeneity and high material quality.  These bipolar plates allow fuel cells to operate at high temperatures and have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

Length x Width - 4"x 4"

Thickness - 5mm (0.197")

Plate Physical Properties
Plate Grade Fuel Cell Grade (FU 4369)
Bulk Density 1.90 g/cm
Hardness > 100 (Rockwell (HRB 10/40))
Compressive Strength > 50MPa or 7250 psi
Flexural Strength > 40 MPa or 6090 psi
Young's Modulus - Flexural 10GPa or 1.45 x 10^6
Young's Modulus - Dynamic 24GPa or 3.48 x 10^6
Plate Electrical Properties
Specific Electrical Conductivity - XY (In-Plane) 110 S/cm
Specific Electrical Conductivity - Z (Through-Plane) 20 S/cm
Specific Electrical Resistance - XY (In-Plane) 90 micro ohms/M
Specific Electrical Resistance - Z (Through-Plane) 190 micro ohms/M (DIN 51 911) and 500 micro ohms/M(Internal Specification)
Long Term Stability
Various Acids at 85C and 180C (185F and 356F) 2000 h
Mineral Oil at 85C and 185C (185F and 356F) 2000 h
Methanol at 90C (194F) 3000 h
Other Plate Properties
Thermal Conductivity 55 w/mK

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