Calculator for Preparing Methanol-Water Mixture for DMFCs

Direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) utilize a mixture of methanol and deionized water (or distilled water) as the fuel for anode side. The most common range for the molarity of the methanol is 0 to 1 Molar and occasionally 0 to 2 Molars (the latter one for advanced users utilizing customized MEAs or CCMs). Our MEAs or CCMs that are manufactured for DMFCs are rated for 0 to 1 molar methanol solutions. Use of higher concentrations than 1M of methanol with our manufactured components can potentially damage the membrane or catalyst components during their operation. This excel file can be used to prepare methanol/deionized water mixtures for 0 to 2 M of methanol. Users are advised to obtain methanol from a supplier that provides it with high purity and does not have any stabilizers or dyes in it. Presence of stabilizers or dyes in the methanol can adversely affect the performance of the fuel cell catalyst and membrane components.

Yellow color highlighted cells are for users to modify or input the purity of the methanol, the desired concentration for the methanol, and the desired final volume of the mixture. All of the methanol stock solutions would have a percent purity value listed or stated on the bottle itself and this numeric value needs to be entered for the "purity of methanol". For example, if the methanol bottle states 99.8% as its purity value, simply enter 99.8 as the purity in the excel file. The desired molarity (from 0 to 1 molar) needs to be entered as a numeric value. For example, if the user desires to obtain a molarity of 0.4 for methanol, simply enter 0.4 in the excel file for "Molarity of methanol needed for fuel cell testing". The desired final volume for the mixture of methanol/deionized water needs to be entered for "Final volume of methanol/Deionized water needed for fuel cell testing" field as the numeric value. For example, if the user needs to prepare a mixture of 300 milliliters of methanol/deionized water, then simply enter 300 in this field. The excel file will automatically calculate the quantity of pure methanol and deionized water both in grams (blue colored rows/columns) or milliliters (green colored rows/columns). We hope that you will find this calculation useful for your methanol/water fuel mixture preparation efforts while using our DMFC products. If you have any questions, please contact us by email and we would be more than happy to assist.

 Calculator for Preparing Methanol-Water Mixture for DMFCs

 Calculator for Preparing Methanol-Water Mixture for DMFCs

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