Electrode Information

Introducing: Hydro-LAT GDLs with Hydrophilic MPL
HYDRO-LAT 1400 AND HYDRO-LAT 2400 GAS DIFFUSION LAYERS WITH HYDROPHILIC MICROPOROUS LAYER Background Electrochemical technologies have been widely adopted for various commercial applications such as fuel cells, electrolyzers, electrochemical CO2 reduction, and numerous other applications because of their inherent high efficiencies. One of the critical components of such technologies has been the gas diffusion layer (GDL) that is sandwiched between the flow field and the membrane. The main functions of the GDL in an electrochemical cell are: enabling the transfer of reactants..
Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) Characterization

Selecting the appropriate technique to properly characterize the fuel cell is extremely important because it helps the user to understand why the fuel cell is performing well or poorly. These techniques will help discriminate between activation, ohmic and concentration losses, fuel crossover, and...

Considerations for Micro and MEMs Fuel Cells

The design elements of a micro or MEMs fuel cell stack are the same as a larger fuel cell stack, except that there should be special considerations for...