Brown Dog Gadgets

What began as a group of weekend builders and teachers coming together to create easy to use projects has now grown into a company with a passion for creating fun and practical educational products and kits.  Founded in 2012, Brown Dog Gadgets now offers educational products and do-it-yourself kits as well as consumer retail products.  Equipping everyone from young 3rd grade learners to experienced mountain climbers; Brown Dog Gadgets offers a wide-variety of products tailored around alternative energy.

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Dual Axis "Smart" Solar Tracker
Create your own computer controller dual axis solar tracker in under an hour, using only a screw ..

(2) Solar Bug Kit
The Solar Bug Kit teaches how solar power can be converted into motion. By connecting a 2V solar ..

Single Axis Solar Tracker
The Single Axis Solar Tracker follows the sun across the sky to collect as much energy as possibl..

Solar Cockroach Kit
This product has been discontinued. We are only keeping this page active for any previous custome..

Solar Science Station
The Solar Science Station is a non-soldering solar USB charger.  Use it as a tool for record..

Solar USB 2.0 Kit
Teach any child or student the power of solar energy by building a USB solar charger! The finishe..