C-MAX, CMAX-HP-1, Metal Hydride Hydrogen Compressor, High Pressure (<6000 psi), 1 SLM

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The new metal hydride hydrogen compressor product from Xergy team is the ideal solution to your hydrogen storage and compression applications.  C-MAX product line offers multiple sizes and compact metal hydride hydrogen compressor designs that will meet the most stringent requirements for compressing hydrogen from a low pressure to higher pressure applications.

CMAX-HP-1 is one of the highest performing metahl hydride hydrogen compressor in the market.  This kit only includes the metal hydride compressor module and does not come with a controller or a power supply.  This hydrogen compressor product has the capability of compressing hydrogen gas up to 6000 psi and has a maximum hydrogen generation rate of up to 1000 milliliters/min (or 1SL/min) at the high pressure side.  

The operation principle of the electrochemical compressor technology is given in the image above.  Low pressure hydrogen is initially stored inside the metal hydride storage.  A cooling fluid or gas can be used during this step to remove the generated waste heat generated.  In order to generate the hydrogen at high pressure, heating fluid or gas is supplied to the hydrogen-containing metal hydride canister and hydrogen gas is extracted from the metal hydride at a much higher pressure.  This device can use the waste heat that is generated by various industrial process in order to yield a more efficient hydrogen compression method.

Performance Specifications:

✔ Recommended hydrogen delivery pressure (at the high pressure side): up to 6000 psi
✔ Maximum hydrogen generation rate (at the high pressure side): 1000 mL/min 

Physical Characteristics:

✔ Module Dimensions (inches): TBD
✔ Module Weight: TBD

Features and Benefits:

✔ Easy integration
✔ Low maintenance
✔ Vibration free
✔ Noiseless
✔ No consumable components

Applications that can benefit from this product:

✔ Hydrogen gas compression
✔ Hydrogen gas storage
✔ Heat pumps
✔ Chemical processing plants

Some of the missing specs and parameters for this hardware are currently being updated and FCS will provide those shortly.

Typical lead time of 4-5 weeks to be expected.

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