Cell Voltage Monitor CVM-S128A (128 channels, based on CVM-32A design)

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Cell Voltage Monitor CVM-S128A (128 channels, based on CVM-32A architecture) is designed to be used for monitoring the individual cell voltages in a fuel cell stack. Individual cell voltage monitoring is essential to prevent damage to membrane electrode assemblies in the fuel cell stack and other stack components (such as bipolar plates, half bipolar plates, etc.), to identify of cell voltage reversal, to monitor lifetime conditions, and to ensure optimal working conditions are maintained for the fuel cell stacks.

CVM-S128A is a complete assembled set of cell voltage monitoring module that is ready to use. These modules can easily be integrated into various applications and it will allow direct connection to a PC via USD or to a PLC via RS-485 bus.

The package contains 1X power adapter (also known as power source or power block) KMS-PWR; 4x CVM-32A boards that have a combined 128 channels, 4x outputs, 4x inputs 24 V.

Details of CVM-32A Architecture:
• 32 channel per board
• Basic channel voltage range ± 1.5 V
• Maximum voltage span of all channels is 34 V
• Multiple boards can be chained for needs greater than 32 cell stack (multiples of 32 such as 32 x 2 to get 64 channels, 32 x 3 to get 96 channels, etc.), connector for easy adjacent cell chaining (please see the other variants of this product that comes with channel numbers of up to 160 channels)
• Resolution 1 mV (12-bit)
• Input impedance > 100 MΩ
• Sample rate 100 sps
• Scan rate of up to 1 KHz (depending on cell count and bus speed)
• Cell connection via 34-pin IDC connector
• USB Interface and RS-485 communication
• IO (1x digital output, 1x digital input)
Example Applications:
• H2 fuel-cell tests stands
• H2 fuel-cell application monitoring
• Control systems

CVM-32A Datasheet

A typical lead time of 1 - 2 weeks to be expected for this product.


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