Fumasep FAD-PET-75 - 90cm²

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Fumasep FAD-PET-75 is a PET (Polyester) reinforced Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) with low resistance, high acid transfer rate, high mechanical stability, and high stability in acidic environment. The polymer backbone for this AEM is based on a hydrocarbon polymer material.

Fumatech membranes are highly sensitive to differences in humidity and moisture content. Therefore the membranes can vary +/- 0.5cm from the original cut sizes. Also due to this sensitivity the manufacturer expects wrinkles to form, however soaking the membranes in deionized water will return the membranes to the full size planar state according to the manufacturer.

Fumasep FAD-PET-75 Features:

 • Application: Diffusion dialysis for acidic solutions (e.g. H2SO4-).
 • Anion Exchange Membrane
 • Stability range (pH) at 25 ºC: 1 - 9
 • Thickness: 70 - 80 micrometers (2.75 - 3.15 mil)

Fumasep FAD-PET-75 Technical Specification Sheet

Quantity In Stock: 1

Total Amount In Various Pieces: 90 cm²

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these clearance pieces may have broken edges or corners, cracked sides, or uneven siding. Also, this item cannot be returned nor refunded.

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