ELAT LT1400W, Carbon Cloth - 23,031cm²

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FuelCellsEtc's ELAT® LT1400W is a carbon cloth Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) with a carbon microporous layer. ELAT has been engineered to have state-of-the-art performance over a wide range of operating conditions. Thickness is 454 um.

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Total Amount In Various Pieces: 23,031 cm²

ELAT - LT1400: Interfacial Contact Resistance as Function Contact Pressure

The graph below provides the interfacial contact resistance of ELAT LT1400 at different contact pressure values (Credit: Amit C. Bhosale et al. in the article entitled "Effect of gas pressure and clamping pressure on interfacial contact resistance of a cylindrical polymer membrane fuel cell").

Suggested Uses:

• Electrolysis
• Fuel Cells
• Flow Through Batteries
• Water Clean-Up Electrochemistry

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these clearance pieces may have broken edges or corners, cracked sides, or uneven siding. Also, this item cannot be returned nor refunded.

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