Nafion™ N324, Teflon Fabric Reinforced - 275cm²

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Chemours' (formerly DuPont) Nafion™ N-324 is a perfluorosulfonic acid cation exchange membrane combining outstanding chemical resistance with a strong polytetrafluoroethylene fiber reinforcement. It is recommended for use in chloroalkali production and a variety of electrolytic processes. Nafion™-324 is 0.15mm (0.006in) thick.

Please Note: The side marked CATH must be installed facing the cathode, otherwise, the membranes will be irreversibly damaged in use.  If your membrane is not marked simply feel both sides of the membrane, the rougher side will be the cathode side while the smoother side is the anode side.

Quantity In Stock: 1

Total Amount In Various Pieces: 275 cm²

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these clearance pieces may have broken edges or corners, cracked sides, wrinkles, or discoloration. Also, this item cannot be returned nor refunded.

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