Hydrogen: Hot Stuff Cool Science 2nd Edition [Paperback]

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Discover the solid science and cutting-edge technologies behind hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and learn how we will use this energy in our homes and buildings, vehicles and public transportation, for electricity in remote areas and for backup power, and much more. Zed, the wise wizard of the Wasserstoff Farm, leads readers through chapters that include an overview of basic chemistry and energy transformation; a look at global warming and the annual U.S. energy consumption; electrolysis and other ways of extracting hydrogen from water; extracting hydrogen from coal, natural gas and biomass; ethanol and methanol production; nuclear energy and hydrogen production; using wind and solar energy for hydrogen production; hydrogen storage; internal combustion engines fueled by hydrogen; and fuel cells for vehicles and buildings.

Book Details:

• Author(s): Rex A. Ewing
• Edition: 2nd
• Number of Pages: 288
• Published Date: April 1, 2007
• Publisher: PixyJack Press
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0977372413
• ISBN-13: 978-0977372416
• Dimensions: 0.8 x 6 x 8.8 inches

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