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Measurement of membrane proton conductivity at controlled temperature, pressure, and relative humidity environment, has been a critical component of high efficiency fuel cells.  This fuel cell hardware is capable of working in conjunction with an incorporated BT-115 conductive cell – which is the perfect solution for such research and development.

The conductive cell applies the conventional four-point-probe method to measure the in-plane conductivity of various membranes and/or conductivity performance in various environments. The main advantage in the four electrode conductivity measurement is the ability to distinguish voltage drop between ion creation and ion flow; leading to a more accurate assessment of membrane conductivity and resistance

Conductivity cell may be removed – and hardware can be utilized as fully functioning PEM Hardware

Conductivity Cell Includes:

✔ Fuel Cell Hardware
✔ BT 115 conductivity cell (x1) shown at right
✔ Clamp for reference cell (x1)
✔ Bolts (x 8)
✔ Tweezers (x1)

Technical Specifications:

• Gaskets: Silicone (standard)
• Size At (H x W x L): 11cm x 9.5cm x 8.0cm
• Weight (pounds): 5.1
• Normal Operating Temp: 65 to 75°C
• Maximum Temp: 180°C

Schematic of the Fuel Cell Hardware's Components:


Fuel Cell Hardware is also available with other Flow Field Designs Upon Quotation

  • Column / Pin Type
  • Serpentine
  • Straight Channel

1. Through-Bolt Assembly Design
• Low Tightening Force Required
• Create Uniformed Force Distribution: 5in/lb
2. Implement Pinch Adjustment Mechanism
• Capable of Applying Torque Equally to the Bolts
• Contain Flat Gaskets with High Precision Thickness
3. Fuel Cell Grade Graphite Plate
• Gas Non Permeable / Excellent Chemical Resistance
• High Electrical/Thermal Conductivity and Mechanical Strength
4. Adaptable to Varied Flow Field Plate Design
• Current Collector Plate
• Gold Plated Plate – for corrosion resistance
5. Thermocouple Insert Hole
• Reach Thermocouple at Center of Fuel Cell Test Hardware
• Precisely Control and Monitor the Temperature
• Closest to the MEA
6. Voltage Measurement Banana Plug
• For Exact Measurement of Cell Voltage (using the highly electrically conductive graphite plate)
• Eliminate Voltage Drop due to Contact Resistance
7. Silicone Rubber Heater
• Provide Highest Watt Density
• Maintain Uniform Cell Temperature (using the highly thermally conductive graphite plate)

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