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Disassemble and reassemble your own Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) stack of individually connected cells with the DMFC Flex-Stak.  The DMFC Flex-Stak comes in a 1-cell, 5-cell, 10-cell, and 20-cell stack configuration.  The ease of use makes it simple to scale the Flex-Stak to different power levels and integrate equipment such as sensors.  The Flex-Stak fuel cell is an excellent learning tool that gives hands-on experience with promising direct methanol fuel cell technology.  Whether it’s advanced research on MEAs, creating your own fuel cell lab or conducting professional training the DMFC Flex-Stak has a load of practical applications.

The Flex-Stak is a fully assembled, tested, and ready for use Direct Methanol Fuel Cell!  Only a flat-head screwdriver and torque wrench are necessary to assemble the Flex-Stak so you can concentrate on creating your very own methanol powered applications.

The DMFC Flex-Stak is a dismantable methanol fuel cell that allows for the user to input their own custom DMFC MEAs for testing!

Stack Contents Include:

✔ Plastic Endplates
✔ Graphite Composite Bipolar/Monopolar Plates
✔ High Performance DMFC MEAs
✔ Expandable Design
✔ Hardware

Technical Specifications:

• Power: 0.2 watts per cell (1 watt for 5 cell stack)
• Active Area of Cell: 10 cm²
• Flow Rate: 10 cc/min per cell
• Operates on 3% by mass of methanol-in-distilled water
• Concentration of Methanol to be Used: 1 molar

Please note that the DMFC Flex-Stak  does not come with guide dowels.  1/8" guide dowels are reccommended for assembly of the stack to aid in the alignment of the components.

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