Electric Mobility Experiment Set

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The Horizon Electric Mobility Science Kit lets students experiment with tomorrow’s sustainable transport solutions.  Measure the superior energy density and power of the super capacitor.  Compare different kinds of fuel cell technology, all of which convert elements into electrical energy: the Salt Water Fuel Cell, Mini PEM Fuel Cell, and the Mini PEM Reversible Fuel Cell that exploit the energy efficiency of hydrogen fuel stored in the HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydride cartridge.  Plus, you can demonstrate the power of sunlight with the solar panel and generate electricity with the hand crank.


✔ 6 different models can be built with one chassis
✔ Examines the strengths and weaknesses of each solution
✔ Compatible with all other Horizon kits, for measurement, data logging etc.
✔ Includes fixed steering function at front of the vehicle
✔ UPC: 6942503405286

Experiments and Activities:

✔ Power a car with a hydrogen fuel cell (reversible and mini fuel cell)
✔ Power a car with a salt water fuel cell
✔ Power a car with solar energy
✔ Power a car with a super capacitor and hand crank
✔ Power a car with different forms of hydrogen (hydrogen gas and hydrogen hydride)
✔ Power a car with a battery

Contents Include:

Reversible fuel cell
Hand crank generator
✔ Salt water fuel cell
Mini fuel cell
Battery pack
Solar panel and support
Super capacitor
HYDROSTIK PRO and pressure regulator
✔ U-fixator for HYDROSTIK PRO

✔ Fuel solution container
Water / hydrogen tank
Water / oxygen tank
✔ Clamp
Silicon tubes
✔ Red and black pins
✔ Purging valve

 Horizon Electric Mobility Experiment Set Assembly Guide, FCJJ-30

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

✔ Analyzing and Interpreting Data
✔ Asking Questions and Defining Problems
✔ Developing and Using Models
✔ Planning and Carrying out Investigations
✔ Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
✔ Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking
✔ Engaging in Argument from Evidence
✔ Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

NGSS Crosscutting Concepts

✔ Cause and Effect
✔ Scale, Proportion, and Quantity
✔ Stability and Change
✔ Structure and Function
✔ Energy and Matter

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas

✔ HS-PS1.A - Structure and Properties of Matter
✔ HS-PS2.A - Forces and Motion
✔ HS-PS3.A - Definitions of Energy
✔ HS-PS3.B - Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer
✔ HS-PS3.D - Energy in Chemical Process and Everyday Life
✔ HS-ESS3.C - Human Impacts on Earth Systems
✔ HS-ESS3.D - Global Climate Change

 The Reversible Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell combines the functions of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell into ONE device. When applying an electrical current the device acts as an electrolyzer that produces hydrogen and oxygen from de-ionized water. When applying a load, the device behaves as a fuel cell and generates electricity from hydrogen.
 Generate hydrogen using this kit and once it’s applied to the fuel cell, stand back and watch as electricity is generated using nothing more than oxygen taken directly from the ambient air.
 Salt Water Fuel Cell
 These two storage cylinders, one for hydrogen and one for oxygen, can be used to store 30 milliliters (mL) of hydrogen and oxygen.
 The Hand Crank Generator S5 is a 6.3V, 0.2A manual-powered generator that simulates wind power through its rotary mechanical system. The hand crank can be connected to devices requiring small amounts of electricity.
 HYDROSTIK PRO is a convenient hydrogen storage solution to fuel your hydrogen powered devices. Rather than compressing hydrogen gas, the safe, and reliable HYDROSTIK binds hydrogen with a metal alloy to form a solid metal hydride.
 Horizon's H-Series Pressure Regulator fits HydroSTIK and HydroSTIK PRO canisters and reduces the Hydrogen outlet pressure down to 0.45 - 0.55 bar suitable for use in most Fuel Cells. Output connector fits 3mm ID x 5mm OD tubing.
 1 Watt Solar Panel
 The super capacitor is perfect for demonstrating the storage and release of electricity produced by an alternative power source.
 Kit Accessories
 The textbook contains information about the technology and instructions for a variety of experiments.

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