Freudenberg H23C9

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Freudenberg H23C9 is a flexible and easy to use carbon paper Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) with a Microporous Layer (MPL) as well as a hydrophobic treatment. It is recommended for low humidified automotive LT-PEMFC systems. It is 250 um (microns) thick.

Freudenberg H23C9 is recommended for:

• Low humidified stationary Low Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Cells (LT-PEMFC) systems
• LT-PEMFC Automotive applications

Freudenberg H23C9 is formerly known as H2315 I4 C9.

 Freudenberg Carbon Paper GDL Properties Sheet

This product has been discontinued and we are completely out of stock. Per manufacturer's suggestion, a good alternative for Freudenberg H23C9 GDL as a replacement would be Freudenberg H23C6.

H23C3 (has a slightly higher thickness compared to H23C9, similar MPL density and air permeability compared to H23C9, customers that would be buying this alternative would have to adjust their gasket thickness)

H14C9 (if a much thinner GDL can be used by the customer, this is the thin version of H23C9 and has similar air permeability compared to H23C9. For customers that would be purchasing this alternative, an adjustment for the gasket thickness would be needed.)

Gas Diffusion Layer Properties
Material Type Carbon Fiber Paper
Thickness .250 mm (250 microns)
Basic Weight (g/m²) 135 g/m²
Air Permeability (s) 30
Electrical Resistivity (through plane) 8 mΩcm²
Tensile Strength 70 N/50mm
Substrate PTFE Treatment Yes
Microporous Layer Yes, on one side

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