i-H2GO Remote Control Hybrid Car

Brand: Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies
Product Code: 1061005

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THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED. We are keeping the page live for anyone who may need to download specifications or manuals.

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The Horizon i-H2GO fuel cell car is the most technologically advanced toy car on the market.  The hydrogen refueling station generates hydrogen through water electrolysis, refuels the car and charges the super capacitor.  Transparent casing and LED lights are designed to highlight all these electrochemical processes — the same processes as in real-scale hybrid vehicles.  A PEM fuel cell converts hydrogen to electrical energy and the super capacitor engages when the car accelerates.  Your smartphone or tablet replaces the traditional RC control unit, with the option of gyro-steering to steer the car simply by tilting your device.


✔ Real-working miniaturized PEM fuel cell
✔ Hydrogen refueling station, no batteries required
✔ Solar powered hydrogen generation
✔ Smartphone controlled car
✔ “Gyro mode” that lets you use your device like a steering wheel
✔ Cruise control lock for a simpler driving experience
✔ Free app downloadable from iTunes and Android
✔ Compatible app for the iPhone and tablet iOS 4.3 and up
✔ Compatible app for the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note II and Note III


✔ Hydrogen Powered Car
✔ Hydrogen Station
✔ Solar Power Plant
✔ USB cable adapter
✔ Instruction Manual


  • USB Charging Time (refueling station) - Approx. 6 hours
  • Solar Panel Charging Time (refuel station) - Approx. 16 hours
  • Max Speed - 10km/h
  • Max Running Time - 10 min
  • Fuel Cell Power - 0.76W
  • Solar Panel Power - 1W


Attribute Toy Car Refuel Station Solar Panel
Length (cm) 23 13.5 21.5
Width (cm) 8.7 12.8 9.5
Material PC PC PC
Color Blue/Black Blue/Black Blue/Black


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