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Orion Polymer Dispersions

Orion Polymer Dispersions

Orion TM1 DurionTM resin is the industry-leading anion exchange ionomer.  It has long lifetime durability (>1000 hours) and high temperature stability (up to 80 ºC) with an ion exchange capacity of >2.00 mequiv./gram (in OH- form). 

Anion exchange membranes (AEMs) manufactured from Orion TM1 DurionTM resin demonstrated excellent durability and lifetime.  NREL's blind study that was conducted in October 2019 showed that AEMs based on Orion's TM1 DurionTM resin can be operated at temperatures of up to 80 ºC with 1M KOH for more than 1000 hours.  Virtually, there was no degradation.  Such excellent durability and high temperature stability makes Orion TM1 DurionTM resin an ideal polymer material to manufacture anion exchange membranes with various thicknesses either in the mechanically reinforced or self-supporting forms.  Additionally, Orion TM1 DurionTM resin can also be used to manufacture anion exchange dispersions for preparing catalyst inks or casting membranes.  Common solvents can be used to dissolve this resin material and obtain a dispersion solution with various weight percentages.  Having the capability of obtaining an anion exchange dispersion solution with common solvents (similar to the ones that are used in the existing catalyst inks) also eliminates the needs for changing the currently existing alkaline electrode manufacturing processes (compared to processes that utilize catalyst inks with dispersions that use NMP, DMSO, etc. type difficult to remove organic solvents).  Dissolution instructions will only be sent to the purchaser after the purchase of the product (as a hard copy in the same shipment package) in order to protect IP rights of the supplier.

Currently, Orion dispersions are provided in two different molecular weight: (1) Low molecular weight anion exchange resin and (2) Medium molecular weight anion exchange resin.  Low molecular weight resin material can be used to prepare dispersions to manufacture catalyst inks, post-coat, and mechanically reinforced AEMs (components that require high anion conductivity).  Medium molecular weight resin is more suited for manufacturing self supported membranes or mechanically reinforced AEMs.

AEMs or dispersions made with Orion TM1 DurionTM resin can potentially be used for the following applications: alkaline fuel cells (with our without electrolyte), alkaline electrolyzers, alkaline batteries, electrochemical compressors, and a wide variety of other electrochemical devices.  AEMs or dispersions based on Orion TM1 DurionTM resin are stable under neutral and alkaline conditions.