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Avcarb Carbon Cloth

AvCarb® has been producing high quality polyacrylonitrile (PAN) carbon fiber products since 1978. Drawing on unique carbon fabric processing technology, AvCarb carbon fabrics are designed to meet the demanding requirements of friction, gas transport, motion control, electrical and elevated temperature applications.

AvCarb’s proprietary AccuCarb™ continuous carbonization process provides an 88-95% carbon content and are called “HC” grade fabrics. Vacuum batch baking at extremely high temperature results in AvCarb's “HCB” grade fabric, a 99+% carbon fabric with graphitic properties.

Produced in long, continuous rolls, AvCarb carbon fabrics are easy to store, handle and use. Their uniform properties over the length and width of each roll, and from roll to roll, not only assure product consistency but also lend themselves to easy integration with continuous manufacturing processes.

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