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FuelCellsEtc’s ELAT (ETEK ELAT, formerly made by BASF) woven carbon cloth gas diffusion layer (GDL) line have been engineered to have state-of-the-art performance over a wide range of operating conditions offering the best of performance at a reasonable price.

Suggested Applications Include:

• ​Fuel Cells
• Electrolysis
• Flow through Batteries
• Water clean-up Electrochemistry

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ELAT - Hydrophilic Plain Cloth
ELAT Hydrophilic Plain Carbon Cloth gas diffusion layers are excellent for flow batteries. The ex..
From $18.00
Based on 3 reviews.

FuelCellsEtc's ELAT® LT1400 is a carbon cloth Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) with a carbon microporous..
From $16.00
Based on 2 reviews.

FuelCellsEtc's ELAT® LT2400W is a carbon cloth gas diffusion layer (GDL) with a carbon microporou..
From $17.00