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FuelCellsEtc's ELAT® LT2400W is a carbon cloth gas diffusion layer (GDL) with a carbon microporous layer on both sides. ELAT has been engineered to have state-of-the-art performance over a wide range of operating conditions. The thickness of this GDL carbon cloth is about 490 um.

Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL) are key components of the membrane electrode assembly of the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). The PEMFC can provide traction, residential and portable power.

ELAT - LT2400: Properties and Advantages
Do you have two different reactions occurring within the same electrode in your electrochemical device (one reaction at the back side and one reaction at the front side of the electrode)? For example, your electrochemical device is indirectly consuming a chemical hydride in order to first generate the hydrogen from the hydrolysis of the chemical hydride on the back side of the electrode with one particular catalyst and then the generated hydrogen is being consumed with the second electrocatalyst material at the front side of the electrode (near the electrolyte or membrane).  Such features would usually require having two microporous layers on the same gas diffusion layer.  ELAT – LT2400 gas diffusion layer is the only material in the industry with two MPLs.  Teflonization is done both with the base fabric and the MPLs.

Having two distinct MPLs on the same gas diffusion layer will allow you to apply same or different catalysts with different functionalities on this material in order to have a multi-functional property.  With such advanced composite structure, ELAT – LT2400 is ideally suitable for electrochemical devices consuming liquid chemical hydride (sodium borohydride, ammonia borane, etc.) within the electrochemical cell, hydrazine hydrate consuming fuel cells, and various other electrochemical devices. Additionally, ELAT LT 2400 gas diffusion layer can also be used in conventional PEM and alkaline fuel cells, electrolyzers, batteries, microbial fuel cells, and other relevant electrochemical systems.

Suggested Uses

• Fuel Cells
• Electrolysis
• Flow Through Batteries
• Water Clean-up Electrochemistry

Gas Diffusion Layer Properties
Material Type Woven Carbon Fiber
Thickness 0.490 mm (490 microns)
Basic Weight (g/m²) 250
Bulk Density 0.8 g/cc
Air Permeability (s) 10 ml/(cm²-sec)
Porosity 31%
Carbon Content (%) 99.5% in woven, variable in coating for hydrophobicity
Microporous Layer On both sides of carbon cloth

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