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The Xion™ Composite PEM-Aquivion-720-10 is a 10 micrometers thick composite proton exchange membrane that uses the Aquivion resin with an equivalent weight of 720. It is stable under acidic and neutral conditions. This membrane can be used in fuel cells, electrolyzers, electrodialysis, redox flow batteries, electrochemical compressors, sensors, and a wide variety of other devices. All Xion™ membranes have high selectivity, high chemical resistance, and durability. Image on the right side shows the chemical composition of the Aquivion resin.

The Xion™ Composite PEM-Aquivion-720-10 is a reinforced composite ion exchange membrane that provides excellent mechanical strength and stability to a wide variety of ionomer chemistries.  The mechanical reinforcement is the microporous expanded PTFE matrix, which has excellent thermal, chemical, and mechanical stability under various conditions.

Xion Composite Aquivion membranes are ultra-thin, highly conductive, and highly stable reinforced proton exchange membranes (PEM). The membranes are based on a perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) ionomer developed by Solvay. The Aquivion ionomer produced by Solvay has much shorter side chains than traditional PFSA polymers, providing different ionomer morphology and therefore enhanced physical and chemical properties. A reinforcement layer is integrated into the structure of the membrane to provide enhanced mechanical properties. The enhanced mechanical properties allow Ultra-thin, Ultra-Strong, and Ultra-High-Performance free-standing membranes, i.e. providing higher ionic conductivity without sacrificing strength. Xion Composite Aquivion Membranes come in two variations based on the equivalent weight (EW) of the ionomer: 720EW has higher ionic conductivity, but 830EW has greater stability.

Benefits of Xion Composite Aquivion Membranes:

-High proton or cation conductivity
-Great chemical stability at low and high temperatures
-Ultra-thin membranes with excellent mechanical strength

Current lead time to be expected is 1 - 2 weeks to ship.

Membrane Properties
Thickness 10 micrometers
Equivalent Weight (EW) 720

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