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Solvay Aquivion® PFSA Powders

Aquivion® perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) ready-to-use powders can serve directly as heterogeneous acid catalysts or exchange resins. They often offer greater chemical resistance than conventional exchange resins, making them better suited for exposure to aggressive environments.

Low Equivalent Weight (EW) grades deliver significantly higher electrochemical functionality per unit mass than competitive PSFA products. The higher crystallinity of high-end EW grades (98 series) can help to improve the mechanical robustness and durability of the finished PFSA parts.  Short Side Chain based PFSA powders have distinct advantages over long side chain PFSA powders and a chemical composition for the side chains for these two materials are given below.

Solvay Aquivion® perfluorinated sulfonyl fluoride (PFSA) powders are currently offered in the chemically stabilized or standard forms. 

Comparison of Short Side Chain (SSC) and Long Side Chain (LSC) PFSA Powders:

Aquivion® PFSA’s short side chain powder makes it possible to achieve either better mechanical properties at the same IEC (ion-exchange capacity) or a higher ion exchange capacity (IEC) at the same mechanical properties than long side chain (LSC) powders.  

Typical Applications:

• Heterogeneous acid catalysts
• Ion exchange resins
• Components for electrochemical devices
• Ion exchange membranes

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Aquivion® PW79S
Aquivion® PW79S coarse, acid powder is based on the short-side-chain (SSC) copolymer of Tetrafluo..
From $124.00

Aquivion® PW87S
Aquivion® PW87S coarse, acid powder is based on the short-side-chain (SSC) copolymer of Tetrafluo..

Aquivion® PW98
Aquivion® PW98 is a coarse, acid powder that is based on the short-side-chain (SSC) copolymer of ..
From $128.00