Gadolinium Doped Ceria (20% Gd) - Tape Cast Grade Powder

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Gadolinium Doped Ceria (20% Gd) Powder is one of the most popular, and has the lowest surface area specification of the GDC20 powders. It is well suited for use in tape casting, ink manufacturing, pellet pressing and other non-aqueous manufacturing processes.

Technical Specifications:

• Formulation: Gd0.20Ce0.80O1.95
• Surface Area: 5 - 8 m²/g
• Particle Size (D50): 0.1 - 0.4 microns (um)

Gadolinium Doped Ceria MSDS (USA)

Gadolinium Doped Ceria MSDS (EU)

Here are some papers that our customers have published using this powder.

Spontaneous stress-induced oxidation of Ce ions in Gd-doped ceria at room temperature - CSIRO Energy Technology

Direct carbon fuel cell operation on brown coal - CSIRO Energy Technology

Structural and Microstructural Stability of Ceria – Gadolinia Electrolyte Exposed to Reducing Environments of High Temperature Fuel Cells - Journal of Materials Chemistry A

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