Electrolyte Supported Button Cell - 2cm Diam

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With consistent performance demonstrated over several years, this button cell has become a standard used by Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) researchers across the globe. It is used as a reference cell for anode and cathode development, and for test fixture calibration.

Based on the patented 150 micron thick Hionic scandium stabilized zirconia electrolyte support and state-of-the-art anode and cathode materials, this cell offers high performance over the temperature range of 750 to 850°C.

This cell also comes in a 2.5 cm Diameter size as well. 

The Complete SOFC Cell has the Following Specifications:
Anode Electrode
Electrolyte Support
Cathode Electrode

2.0 cm Diameter
~ 50 microns Thick

2.0 cm Diameter
130 to 170 microns Thick

1.25 cm Diameter
~ 50 microns Thick


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