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Fuel Cell Components

Browse through the largest collection of fuel cell materials and components in the world at the Fuel Cell Store!

From catalyst to membranes, gas diffusion layers to catalyzed electrodes, catalyst coated membranes (CCMs) to membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), gasket and bipolar plates to fuel cell stack installation parts, we have every fuel cell component and fuel cell material you could possibly ever need, here at the Fuel Cell Store. 

We offer high performance catalysts in various weight percentages for supported catalysts or in pure metallic or metal oxide forms (with an inventory of 80+ different kinds), have 100+ gas diffusion layer options from an array of vendors around the world, and have offer the largest inventory of ionic membranes (cation exchange membranes, anion exchange membranes, and bipolar membranes). Our gas diffusion electrodes (GDEs, which are also known as catalyzed electrodes), fully assembled membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), catalyst coated membranes (CCMS) and partial CCMs are all manufactured in our production facility in College Station, Texas with the highest quality available in the market. Fuel Cell Store has the largest variety of Nafion cation exchange membranes (Nafion 211, Nafion 212, Nafion 115, Nafion 117, Nafion 1110, fabric reinforced Nafion membranes such as Nafion 324, Nafion 424, and Nafion 438), Fumapem and Fumasep cation exchange membranes, Xion cation exchange membranes, etc. in the market for fuel cell, electrolyzer, chlor-alkali and various other electrochemical applications.  Furthermore, Fuel Cell Store also carries the largest anion exchange membrane selection (Fumasep, Xion, Orion Polymer, Sustainion, etc.) with some of the most advanced AEMs that can be operated at temperatures of up to 80 deg Celsius without any degradation. Also offered are dispersions, gasketing, graphite plates, wires and cables, as well as tubing.

Contact us here: contact page for help choosing the perfect components to suit your needs.

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AvCarb GDS2230
AvCarb Material Solution’s Gas Diffusion System GDS2230 P75 combines AvCarb's proprietary carbon ..
From $30.00
Based on 4 reviews.

D2021 Nafion™ Dispersion - Alcohol based 1100 EW at 20 wt%
Chemours (formerly DuPont) Nafion™ PFSA polymer dispersions are made from chemically stabilized p..
From $134.00
Based on 3 reviews.

Fumasep FKB-PK-130
Fumasep FKB-PK-130 is a PEEK reinforced Cation Exchange Membrane (CEM) with low resistance, high ..
From $21.00

HiSPEC Platinum 10% on Carbon - HiSPEC 2000
Johnson Matthey Fuel Cell's HiSPEC® catalysts consist of single and bimetallic, highly dispersed ..
From $68.00

Isomolded Graphite Plate - 12" x 12"
These Isomolded Graphite Plates can be machined on both sides.  Isomolded plates are made ou..
From $182.00

Nafion™ 117
Nafion™ Membrane is used to separate the anode and cathode compartment of Proton Exchange Membran..
From $33.00
Based on 43 reviews.

10% Platinum on Carbon XC-72
The ability to prepare well dispersed, high surface area electrocatalysts containing platinum has..
From $75.00
Based on 1 reviews.

2 mg/cm² Platinum Black - Carbon Cloth Electrode (W1S1010)
The most cost effective, higher catalyst loading Gas Diffusion Electrode.  At 2.0 mg/cm² of ..
From $40.00

AvCarb GDS2240
AvCarb Material Solution’s Gas Diffusion System GDS2240 combines AvCarb's proprietary carbon fibe..
From $30.00

Fumasep FKL-PK-130
Fumasep FKL-PK-130 is a PK reinforced Cation Exchange Membrane (CEM) with high hydroxyl blocking ..
From $21.00

Nafion™ 1110
Chemours (formerly DuPont) Nafion™ 1110 membranes are non-reinforced cation exchange membrane fil..
From $55.00
Based on 5 reviews.

2 mg/cm² Platinum Black - Carbon Paper Electrode
The most cost effective, higher catalyst loading Gas Diffusion Electrode.  At 2.0 mg/cm² of ..
From $59.00
Based on 1 reviews.

4mm ID PVC/Vinyl Tubing - 5 Feet
Soft translucent PVC/Vinyl tubing to connect to popular fuel cell education products and oth..

AvCarb GDS3215
AvCarb Material Solution’s Gas Diffusion System GDS3215 EP40 combines AvCarb's proprietary carbon..

Fumasep FBM - Bipolar Membrane
Fumasep FBM Bipolar Exchange Membrane with PK reinforcement consists of an anion exchange layer a..
Based on 6 reviews.