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Single Cells

Browse our wide selection of single cell fuel cells and electrolyzers. We offer different types of fuel cells including methanol fuel cells, reversible fuel cells, hydrogen, and even dismantable fuel cells. We also supply electrolyzer cells at different hydrogen production rates to fit your experimental requirements. These single cells are a great addition to your existing experiments or begin a new exploration using one of our cells. We've also recently added flow battery flex-staks to grow our variety.

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Quattro Electrolyzer
The Quattro Electrolyzer is a proton exchange membrane (PEM) based electrolyzer hardware that is c..
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Quattro Fuel Cell H2/O2/Air
H-TEC's Quattro Fuel Cell H2/O2/Air can be operated in two modes: (1) Hydrogen and Oxygen and (2) ..

Reversible Fuel Cell H2/O2/Air
H-TEC's educational Reversible Fuel Cell (RFC) H2/O2/Air Reversible Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel ..

Methanol Fuel Cell
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC), with built-in methanol tank.  Operated with 3% of methanol..