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Kit Accessories

We offer a wide variety of kit accessories to fit your experimental needs. Browse our selection from wires, solar panels, fuel cell loads, silicon tubing and more! With most of our accessories, we provide more than a single size or type to help you find the accessory that works best for your application. These small parts are great to help you complete do it yourself kits or expand an existing experiment set up.

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Dr. FuelCell Hand Generator
The Dr. FuelCell Hand Generator is a durable, high quality unit that simulates wind power and is ..

Dr. FuelCell Load Measurement Box
The Dr. FuelCell Load Measurement Box comes with a voltmeter and ammeter, 2 electrical loads (lam..
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3% Methanol in Distilled Water Solution
3% methanol/methyl alcohol (CH3OH) in distilled water solution.  Used for powering any of th..

Dr. FuelCell Dismantlable Fuel Cell - Replacement Membranes
Replacement membrane cells for the Dr. FuelCell Take-Apart (Dimantable) Fuel Cell Extension Kit, ..
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Horizon Solar Panel
Horizon solar panel comes equipped with 2 cables (1 red, 1 black) and a removable stand enabling ..