G-HFCS-6kW (6kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generator)

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The new hydrogen fuel cell product line is the ideal alternative to the standard portable power generators which use diesel or batteries. Easy to use and with a smart and compact design, G-HFCS-6kW hydrogen fuel cell system produces 6000 W of nominal power and brings you full energy independence for various applications that require power in the range of 0-6000 Watts. 

UAVs, drones, robotics applications and other unmanned vehicles, soldier power, portable power, and various other military/civilian applications can use this product as a quiet and highly efficient electrochemical power generator in order to improve the operational time or flight time or generate power in the field where there is no grid infrastructure. A controller module that manages the startup, shutdown, and all other standard functions of the fuel cell system is included in the kit.  A DC/DC converter will be required to convert the fuel cell power into the desired voltage and current values.

This portable fuel cell system can be easily connected with a high purity hydrogen source such as a compressed cylinder from a local gas supplier, hydrogen stored in a composite tank, or a compatible hydride cartridge to get the best performance.

Output Performance:

✔ Nominal Power: 6000 W
✔ Nominal Voltage: 72 V
✔ Nominal Current: 83.3 A
✔ DC Voltage Range: 60 - 96 V
✔ Efficiency: ≥ 50%

Hydrogen Fuel:

✔ Hydrogen Purity: >99.99% (CO content being <1 ppm)
✔ Hydrogen Pressure: 0.05 - 0.08 MPa
✔ Hydrogen Consumption: 70 L/min

Environmental Characteristics:

✔ Ambient Temperature: -5 to +35 ºC
✔ Ambient Humidity: 10% RH to 95% RH (No misting)
✔ Storage Ambient Temperature: -10 to +50 ºC
✔ Noise: <90 dB

Physical Characteristics:

✔ Stack Size (With Cooling Fan): 540*270*170 mm
✔ Controller Size: 170*138*80 mm
✔ System Weight: 16.45 kg

Typical lead time of 6-8 weeks to be expected.

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