Horizon 2000W PEM Fuel Cell

Brand: Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies
Product Code: 10610007


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Please note that the current lead time for the Horizon H-2000W PEM Fuel Cell is 10 weeks.

The Horizon H-2000 PEM Fuel Cell is a 2 Kilowatt, air fed / air cooled, self-humidified hydrogen fuel cell.  Because this fuel cell is air cooled there is no need for large, complicated, and expensive water cooling systems.

Horizon H-Series PEM fuel cells are semi-integrated, efficient, reliable systems that minimize the use of peripherals.  As such, they are the most compact and lightweight fuel cells around the world.


✔ Connections/Tubing
✔ Electronic valves
✔ Electronic control box
✔ 2kW stack with blower
✔ Fuel cell ON/OFF switch
✔ SCU ON/OFF switch
Fuel Cell Properties
Number of Cells 48
Rated Power 2000W (2kW)
Rated Performance 28.8V @ 70A
Hydrogen Supply Valve Voltage 12V
Purging Valve Voltage 12V
Blower Voltage 12V
Reactants Hydrogen and Air
Ambient Temperature 5 - 30C (41 - 86F)
Max Stack Temperature 65 C (149 F)
Hydrogen Pressure 0.45 - 0.55 Bar
Humidification Self-humidified
Cooling Air (integrated cooling fan)
Controller Weight 2500g (± 100g)
Stack Weight (with Fan & Casing) 10kg ± 200g
Hydrogen Flow Rate at Max Output 26 L/min
Stack Size 350 x 183 x 303mm (13.8" x 7.2" x 11.9")
Hydrogen Purity Requirement ≥ 99.995% (dry H2)
Start up time ≤ 30s (ambient temperature)
Efficiency of System 40% at 28.8V
Low Voltage Protection 24V
Over Current Protection 90A
Over Temperature Protection 65 C
External Power Supply 13V (±1V), 5A-8A

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