UP400 MAX - Portable Fuel Cell Based Smart Generator (FC-SMARTGEN)

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The new hydrogen fuel cell product line from PowerUp Energy Technologies team is one of the first that is rated for use at marine environments with extremely long lifetime (>5000 hours of operational lifetime).  It was originally designed for marine applications and hence ideal for yachts and sailboats.  This 400W fuel cell generator is designed for harsh marine conditions and allows the adventurers to produce DC power on-board and to run the GPS, radio, keep the emergency lights on and run the bilge pump.  These are just some of the applications/hardware it will power.   This product is also an excellent alternative to the standard portable power generators which use diesel or batteries.

Easy to use and with a smart and compact design, UP400 MAX unit produces 400 W of nominal DC power and brings you full energy independence.  Wherever you are, whatever the applications you are powering, you can put your trust into UP400 MAX fuel cell power generator and be free of worries.  Fuel cell sub-module works in tandem with the hybrid battery module.  During the start-up and shut-down of the UP400 MAX, the hybrid battery module is used.  Fuel cell sub-module acts as the main power source once the unit is fully initialized.  During the regular operation, fuel cell sub-module also provides current to hybrid battery module in order to re-charge the hybrid battery itself.  These are all done automatically and there is no need for user intervention.

Robotic applications (such as UAVs, drones, ground robots, etc.) and other unmanned vehicles can also use this product as a quiet and highly efficient electrochemical power generator in order to improve the operational time or flight time. You can charge your laptop, smartphone, radios, fans, bluetooth headphones, portable cameras, LED flashlights, battery modules, various camping devices, and many more other portable devices.  This product has all the integrated electronics for the automated operation of the entire unit.  It has various outlet and inlet ports that provide flexibility to take the power away without any difficulty.  The user interface is comprised of On unit via Bluetooth to a smart phone or PC.

PowerUp Energy Technologies team also considered adding ultralightweight Type-IV composite tanks as the hydrogen storage medium and multiple options are available for this such as 2, 3, 6, 6.8, 7.2 or 9 liters (in water volume) at a working or storage pressure of 300-350 bars.  Use of stored hydrogen provides the flexibility to carry your fuel on-board safely inside the Type-IV composite tanks.  Multiple tanks will multiply the operational times of fuel cell power generator and extend the power generation to your needs.  Hydrogen storage tanks will be supplied with a pressure regulator assembly in order to reduce the high pressure hydrogen gas to low pressure that is suitable for the fuel cell stack intake.  Currently, only the fuel cell based power generator is available for immediate purchasing.  Please check this product page for updates regarding the hydrogen storage tank options.

UP400 MAX modules can also be daisy chained in order to increase the total power output to any level wanted such as two of UP400 MAX to get a total power output of 800W or five of UP400 MAX modules to get a power output of 2kW. Bundle multiple units for your high power output needs.

Technical Data:

✔ Output voltage: 12 V
✔ Max continuous charging current: 32 A (at 12 V)
✔ Cold cranking amps: 600
✔ Max continuous power output: 400 W
✔ Max charging power per day: 800 Ah
✔ Electricity source: Proton exchange membrane fuel cell
✔ Fuel: Compressed hydrogen (99.99% purity)
✔ Fuel consumption: 5.2 L/min (at 400 W)
✔ Batteries: 12.8 V (22.8 Ah LiFePO4)
✔ Size: 710 mm x 190 mm x 327 mm (L x W x H)
✔ Weight: 15 kg
✔ Operating temperature: -20 to +50 deg Celsius
✔ Storage temperature: -20 to +50 deg Celsius
✔ User Interface: On unit via Bluetooth to mobile or PC

Outlet and Inlet Ports (Electrical Interfaces):

✔ Main low current outlet port: Max 32 A
✔ High current outlet ports: Max 600 A
✔ External outlet port options: USB and 12 V receptacle
✔ Inlet port for external charging: Max 20 A

Unique Features:

✔ Marine-environment rated
✔ Lightweight
✔ Easy to use
✔ Noise-free (less than 40 decibels)
✔ No smell
✔ No maintenance
✔ Water resistant
✔ Shockproof
✔ Corrosion resistant
✔ Zero-emission

Applications that can benefit from this product:

✔ Yachts and sailboats (run the GPS, radio, power the lights, start the engine, and charging various devices)
✔ Recreational vehicles (RVs)
✔ Robotic applications (drones, UAVs, ground robots, sub-terrain robots, etc.)
✔ Unmanned vehicles
✔ Backup power

Example Application Configuration:

Ultrapure hydrogen (>99.99%) stored inside a storage unit (such as Type IV carbon composite tank) is initially discharged through the pressure regulator and ON/OFF valve.  After reducing the pressure of hydrogen gas from 350 bars to <1 bar for the fuel cell stack, UP400 MAX system consumes the low pressure hydrogen and produces DC electrical energy that can be used for various applications.


Typical lead time of 7-8 weeks to be expected.

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