D350XR (350 W Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Generator)

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The D350XR Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) power system was specifically developed for unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) and drones, unmanned ground systems (UGSs) or unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), autonomous power systems for sensors in the field, and various robotics applications that demand lightweight and rugged power systems. It's the only lightweight fuel cell in its class that is designed to operate on propane fuel that is readily available anywhere in the world.  The SOFC stack present inside the D350XR unit electrochemically converts propane into electrical power. This fuel cell system is capable of generating 0-350 W of DC electrical power.  D350XR fuel cell system needs no oil changes, has no major moving parts, and requires no maintenance cycles. This means the D350XR is capable of providing reliable power after years of zero maintenance.

This solid oxide system is designed to work as the main power source for the intended application.  It also provides the following capability: if it is tandemly connected with a hybrid battery that is on-board, it will support the recharging effort of those battery modules too.

The ideal power source for unmanned vehicles, the D350XR helps UAVs fly longer with a more functional payload and allows UGVs to roam further while performing essential tasks.  The D350XR powers sensors for longer persistent stare tasks and eliminates multiple battery changes.  This fuel cell system is quite modular and can be assembled either as a single unit or multiples of the same units in order to increase the power output..

D350XR solid oxide fuel cell system (view from back side)

D350XR solid oxide fuel cell system (view from electronics side)

This unit includes the following: D350XR Solid Oxide Fuel Cell + D350XR Basic Fuel Handling Kit. Other balance of plant such as fuel processing unit, fuel filter, etc. are also included in the assembled hardware.


✔ Continuous Power Output: 350 W
✔ Output Voltage: 28 V
✔ Output Current: 12.5 A


✔ Operating Temperature: -20 to 55 ºC
✔ Storage Temperature: -32 to 71 ºC
✔ Humidity: 0% - 95% RH (non-condensing)
✔ Operating Altitude: Up to 15000 ft / 4500 meters
✔ Non-detect ability range: 50 meters
✔ MTBF: 20 mission cycles
✔ Shock: 100 G vertical and 40 G axial
✔ Rain: Tolerant to light rain
✔ Dust and sand: Tolerant to fine dust


✔ Weight:6.4 lb / 2.9 kg
✔ Dimensions: 6.2" (H) x 12.6" (L) x 5.9" (W)
✔ Maximum exhaust temperature: 500 ºC
✔ Fuel: Propane / LPG
✔ Fuel Pressure: 15 psi
✔ Fuel Consumption: 66 - 134 grams / hour
✔ Air Consumption: 2.5 CFM
✔ Start Up Time: 18 minutes
✔ Thermal Cycles: 20 cycles
✔ Run Hours: 200 hours


✔ Unmanned aerial vehicles and drones
✔ Unmanned ground systems (UGSs) or unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs)
✔ Unmanned underground robotics
✔ Sensors in the field
✔ Robotics
✔ Autonomous power system

Example Application Configuration:

A lead time of 12-14 weeks to be expected.

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