P250i (250 W Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Generator)

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The P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) power system is designed to provide reliable backup power to your new or existing power system.  The SOFC stack present inside the P250i unit electrochemically converts propane or natural gas into electrical power. This fuel cell system is capable of generating 0-250 W of DC electrical power.  P250i fuel cell system needs no oil changes, has no major moving parts, and requires no maintenance cycles. This means the P250i is capable of providing reliable backup power after years of zero maintenance.

The P250i solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system can act as a battery tender, charging a battery bank which is used to power an electrical load.  If the battery voltage falls below the system turn-on voltage for a predetermined period of time, the SOFC fuel cell system will start automatically, recharge the battery bank at full power until the battery bank remains at or above the configured turn-off voltage and current drops below the configured minimum turn-off current for a period of time.  When the fuel cell system senses that these parameters have been met, it will initiate the cooldown cycle.  The conserve fuel, the P250i Fuel Cell stays in the low power monitor and sleep states until the battery banks need to be charged again.

The P250i Fuel Cell can also employ periodic absorption charge cycles for battery chemistries that require it. This ensures that the battery bank maintains a healthy capacity while not significantly impacting fuel efficiency. The absorption charge duration, voltage, and frequency are configurable depending on the battery bank size and chemistry. This product is configured to accept 23 different battery modules from different vendors with different chemistries.  This fuel cell system is quite modular and can be assembled either as a single unit or multiples of the same units inside an environmental box in order to adjust the power output to the desired value.

Single P250i module
in an enclosure

Two P250i modules stacked up
in an 
an enclosure

This unit includes the following: P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and the housing + P250i Basic Fuel Handling Kit + P250i Battery Cable (Terminated). Other balance of plant such as fuel processing unit, fuel filter, etc. are also included in the assembled hardware.  The environmental enclosure given in the above pictures is not included in the kit and it is solely provided for illustration purposes.  Some level of customization may be possible and any customizations would require an additional fee.


✔ Continuous Charge Power: 250 W
✔ Operating Voltage Range: 8 - 60 V
✔ Maximum Charging Current: 25 A
✔ Fuel Efficiency (LHV): 20%
✔ Standby Power Draw: 0.150 W
✔ Fuel Efficiency (LHV): 20%
✔ Design Target Life: 250 Cycles / 3000 hours


✔ Operating Temperature: -40 to 50 ºC
✔ Storage Temperature: -65 to 71 ºC
✔ Humidity: 0% - 95% RH (non-condensing)
✔ Operating Altitude: Up to 10000 ft / 3000 meters


✔ Weight: 19.0 lb / 8.7 kg
✔ Dimensions: 13" (H) x 17" (L) x 7" (W)
✔ Noise: 40 dB (A)
✔ Maximum exhaust temperature: 90 ºC
✔ Emissions (CO2): 0.71 lbs / operational hours
✔ Cooling air consumption: 100 CFM
✔ Fuel Operating Pressure: 10 - 30 psi
✔ Engineering Data Port: Serial RS232 9600 8N1
✔ Data Display: OLED
✔ Fuel: Propane or natural gas
✔ Fuel Consumption LPG: 0.25 lbs / hours
✔ Fuel Consumption CNG: 3.27 m3 / day


✔ Remote security
✔ Traffic monitoring and management
✔ Telecommunications
✔ Weather stations
✔ Data collection and monitoring
✔ Pipeline monitoring and protection
✔ LIDAR and various other vibration-sensitive sensor packages

Example Application Configuration:

A lead time of 12-14 weeks to be expected.

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