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PEM Fuel Cells for Drones, UAVs, and Robotics

Is your UAV ready to dominate the skies? Want to fly longer or fly further? Conventional rechargeable batteries such as LiPo batteries are heavy, have already hit their limits for their energy density, and are not providing longer flight times. We are bringing you the ultra-lightweight fuel cell based power generators to achieve long flights for further distances. Hydrogen powered PEM fuel cells are energy dense, highly efficient, and lightweight.

Furthermore, hydrogen is the lightest fuel available to mankind and yet one of the most energy dense fuel. No compromise on the safety because there is a decade of scientific research behind the fuel cell system. Combination of PEM fuel cell and hydrogen fuel provides the best of the both worlds and enables long flight time for any UAVs. Recent investigations shows that 2X to 6X improvement can be achieved depending on the UAV platform and hydrogen storage tank compared to the same weight of LiPo batteries.

FuelCellStore proudly presents various fuel cell systems for your drone, UAV, and robotics applications and all other small unmanned aircraft platforms.  In this category, you will find lightweight or ultra-lightweight fuel cell systems with the electrical power generation rate of up to 2kW for various unmanned aircraft platforms.  These power generators can also be used for other sensor applications that needs 24/7 off-grid power for them to be energy autonomous.

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